Learn The Baby Secrets
That will make your life easier.
Discover what your baby needs...
Before they can talk
Let’s face it: Babies poop, diapers get messy, babies cry and parents scramble.

But parents don’t have to wait until baby starts walking to use the potty. This baby’s parents put him on the potty from day one and it made all their lives better. 

Discover not only how to potty train your little one, but also techniques for understanding your baby better.

Read this book repeatedly and you will want to buy a copy for every one of your friends who is pregnant or has a baby. They will thank you.
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What You Will Learn From This Book:
Secret #1: Babies can be Potty Trained at any age
Discover how Elimination Communication from Day 1 can save you thousands in diaper costs.
Secret #2: Babies are happier when they feel understood
Babies start communicating in the womb. Once they enter the world, they act happier when they feel their caregivers understand their needs.
Secret #3: Being a parent may be easier than you think - relax
Overwhelmed by all the parenting books or not sure which to read. Enjoy this fun guide to raising happier babies.
  What FAMILIES Are Saying:
"...this truly is a secret guide for new parents."
Mom and baby
The fun format of the book and the extra add-on information gave me new insights into being a better, more relaxed parent. Highly recommend.
Kristine, 32 - Florida
"...great intro to understand my baby."
My wife and I both got a lot of great tips out of the book. We were able to potty train our son at 6 months. We wish we had found this sooner.
Brandon, 35 - Washington
"...It's Simple Yet Very Powerful. My Clients Loved It"
As a lactation consultant, I work with many new moms. This book has several simple and effective techniques for any new parent.
Jane, 35 - California
Potty Train Your Baby
Hi Super Mom and Super Dad, 

Congratulations on creating and bringing a new baby into the world. You are amazing!

Let me thank you for reading my short and sweet book on how to be potty trained by your baby. Read this book often to help you to use less diapers, have better communication with your little one, spend more quality time together, experience less crying and have even more fabulous reasons to show off your baby to others.

It’s not that hard. 

It may come as a surprise to you but babies, like grown ups, don’t like to be dirty. You would not want to sit in a poopy diaper either, so why should we. Thanks to modern technology, today’s diapers are fancier, easier to use and more comfortable to wear, but diapers create a lot of environmental waste. 

As a baby, I can’t tell you what kind of diaper to use or not use but a typical baby in America will go through more than 1,000 diapers in their first 3 months of life. Waiting until your little one is 2 or 3 years old to use a potty costs you a lot of money and creates an enormous amount of stinky trash. 

By potty training even half time, you are helping your little one and yourself stay clean in more ways than one. So take a deep breath and keep reading on, it’s not that hard.

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